Sexy Shrimp

Family Aplysiidae – Sea Hares
March 23, 2013
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sexy shrimp

The sexy shrimp (Thor amboinensis), so named for the provocative waving motion it makes with its abdomen, is a very small shrimp (to 1 ½ inches) that will readily host in either coral with large polyps like many Euphyllia species (e.g., torch coral) or anemones. Due to their small size, they are excellent animals to observe in a nano tank, although they can also be kept in a larger reef tank so long as they have an appropriate host. Sexy shrimp may be kept in groups, as they are not aggressive toward their own species. In an aquarium stocked with predatory fish, the sexy shrimp may become a snack, although frequently it will remain safe by sticking close to its host. Like all shrimp, the sexy shrimp must be slowly drip acclimated and often does best in a tank that is supplemented with iodine (this helps with the animal’s molting).

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