Rio Rid Volt Titanium Grounding Probe
April 15, 2017
Rio Plus 1000 Submersible Pump Powerhead
April 15, 2017
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Rio Plus 1700 Submersible Pump Powerhead

Rio Plus 1700 Submersible Pump Powerhead


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The new and improved Rio Plus Aqua Pumps and Powerheads provide versatile water pump system designed with high efficiency and reliability at lower cost. Designed with next generation magnetic-rotor technology and new impeller with ceramic bearing and shaft the Rio Plus Aqua Pumps and Powerheads offer the best high-performance solution in the aquarium industry. Versatile: water circulation, sump pumps, fountains, protein skimmers. One of the most energy efficient water pumps that equates to low energy consumption and silent cool operation. Dimensions: 5.75in x 2.75in x 3.75in 3/4in ID tubing UL listed


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