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Gem Tang Sm-Md

Gem Tang Sm-Md

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The Gem Tang, Zebrasoma gemmatum, is an extremely rare tang. The Gem Tang has brilliant white spots across its glittering black body. Its has a yellow tail that further adds to its appeal. The Gem Tang would shine as the centerpiece of a large tank. It is an algae grazer by nature and will accept meaty and herbivorous foods. The Gem Tang is reef compatible.
Scientific Name -Zebrasoma Gemmatum
Reef Compatible -Yes
Care Level -Intermediate
Min. Tank Size -180 gallons
Mature Size -8.5 inches
Diet -Herbivore

Guarantee Restriction:

All of our livestock has a guarantee to arrive alive. However for this species we cannot offer a guarantee beyond arrival. Arrive Alive Guarantee ONLY!


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