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April 1, 2013
Seahorses – Genus Hippocampus
April 9, 2013
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  1. Most people mistake African Cichlids for being only carnivorous, when in fact they are omnivorous. Just like humans, Cichlids need meat and vegetable matter in their diet. Most Cichlid foods, such as pellets or flakes, contain both meat and a type of algae such as spirulina.
  2. Plecos are well known algae eaters, they also love fruits and vegetables! Cucumber, zucchini, & leafy vegetables are great! Stay away from high acidity fruit, they tend to mess with water levels. Always remember to remove food if it hasn’t been eaten!
  3. Goldfish have no stomach! When a goldfish eats, the food is crushed in their mouth and sent straight to their digestive tract. Since there is no stomach to break down the food, their nutrients must be quickly extracted from their food before it exits the goldfish’s intestines. Because food needs a lot of time to be broken down in the body, most of their food ends up as waste, thus giving the goldfish the reputation of being messy.

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